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utility rate analysis & bill auditing service
We’ve saved our clients over $150 Million since 1982.

Electric, Gas and Water Rate Analysis, Bill Audit & Monitoring – Get Refunds & Better Rates on your Electric, Gas and Water/Sewer Bills.

Since 1982, SM Engineering Co has been providing utility bill auditing services which has helped more than 20,000 companies save over $150 million on their electric, gas, and water/sewer utility bills. We use the most advanced management information system, Utility Captain, to audit, analyze, and monitor utility bills for refunds and lower rates. We offer our utility bill auditing services RISK FREE! If we don’t find any savings on your utility bills, there is no charge! Contact us today for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION review of your electric, gas, and water/sewer bills.
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Best Rate Option

We check all rate options to ensure you are selecting the best rate for your usage. Per the PUC, it is the customer’s responsibility to select a rate. We make it easy.

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Errors and Overcharges
Errors and Overcharges

We review utility bills for errors and overcharges including improper input of meter readings, accounting errors, misapplied line charge and more.

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Provide engineering studies
Predominant Studies for Tax Exemptions

We provide engineering studies to determine the appropriate exemption available based on the prevailing laws. We also make sure that you earn all the tax credits you qualify for.

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Web Based Utility Monitoring
Web-based Utility Monitoring

By monitoring your usage and costs, we ​help you identify peaks and valleys and prioritize areas of potential savings.

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Uncover Errors and Overcharges on Electric, Gas and Water Bills

Why Understanding Your Utility Bills Is Important to Your Business

Utility Bills Are Not Fixed Expenses As the CEO, CFO, or operations manager of your company, running a business means carefully managing your expenses while maximizing revenues. Utility bills -gas, electric, water/sewer are one of your expenses. You might be surprised to learn that this expense is not as straight forward as it seems. Why? The final number that makes up your bill is built on a series of complicated tariffs, rates, and taxes, each subject to a different set of rules that few understand except for the utility companies themselves.

Many Utility Bills Are Not Accurate Both public utility commissions and utility companies state it is the customer’s responsibility to choose their utility rate. While a utility company may not intentionally over-charge their customers, they are also not required to offer the best rate possible. Most customers do not have the expertise needed to determine the optimal rates. As a result, many companies routinely over-pay for their utilities, often by as much as 30%.

You May Be Eligible for Refunds, Tax Credits, and Lower Rates Going Forward With the right knowledge and support, companies can achieve significant cost savings both retroactively and proactively. SM Engineering can perform a predominant use study that would provide a basis for refunds and lower utility costs in the future. Our tax experts are knowledgeable about the state tax laws, which vary by state, and can determine if you qualify for tax exemptions.

We’ve saved our clients over $150 Million since 1982.

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