Average electric bill vary from one business to another, but one thing that’s common in every electric bill is its ever increasing cost. Winters are around the corner and are soon going to affect the electric bills of every business in U.S.A. For offices that struggle to keep their staff warm through winters, shop owners who feel chilly breeze entering with Christmas shoppers or any other small business striving to cut down expenses, energy bills can turn out to be a real problem. Temperature and energy costs are closely related, therefore as soon as there’s a sudden drop in temperature, energy costs begin to rise. According to experts, high energy usage in winters can raise your electric cost by 32%, which amounts to as much as half of the total yearly energy cost. Businesses can reduce the increasing electric costs by becoming energy efficient and taking certain preventive measures. Below are important areas which can be focused for reduction of average electric bill:


Cut Down Heating Expenses

In winter, heating contributes to core expenses of a business. Soaking up as much as half of business energy use, heating contributes a major amount to your electric bill. In order to cut down heating expenses, you can start off by reducing thermostat by one degree and it will reduce your overall heating usage by 8%. Use radiators only in the rooms which are under constant usage. Try to use energy efficient equipment and avoid electric heaters as they can consume huge amount of electricity.


Use Energy Efficient Bulbs

Next on the list is lighting expense. Whatever business it be, wherever the location may be and however the weather it has to bear, lighting always contribute a huge amount to business costs. To become more energy efficient with lightnings, start by switching light bulbs. Energy efficient bulbs use up to 80% less energy than the regular ones, which causes the same amount of reduction in usage and cost. Smart sensors like time switches, day light sensors and motion sensors can help you avoid energy wastage as well.


Turning Off Unnecessary Equipments

More or less, almost every business owns some kind of equipments, which contributes large amount to company’s overall energy consumption. With simple steps like turning them off when not in use, usage of standby savers, high efficiency choices and necessary maintenance, you can actually reduce your energy usage to a great extent.


Improper Insulation – Get it Fixed

Improper insulation also leads to electricity wastage and high expense. So make sure your business premises is properly insulated. Begin by using well-fitting blinds, they can help you maintain warm temperature for a longer period of time. Then you can have automatic doors, they open and close promptly helping you maintain proper temperature.


Switching Energy Supplier

Last but not the least, you can surely get energy efficient by contacting your energy dealer and checking if they are offering any energy deals. Switching can also be a better option when it comes to being energy efficient.

Winter is around the corner and your average electric bill is about to suffer a sudden spike. So follow these simple energy savings tips, you will able to cut energy costs by 20%.

Satya Garg graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1968 with an MS in Mechanical Engineering. He is a registered Professional Mechanical and Electrical Engineer in Minnesota. Prior to starting SM Engineering in 1982, Mr. Garg was Manager of Engineering for Planmark, a subsidiary of Super Valu Stores. After graduating from University of Minnesota, Mr. Garg started his career with “Michand Cooley, Hallberg, Erickson & Associates”, one of the most reputed consulting company in Minnesota. He had the opportunity to work with Robert Michand on many interesting projects such as Target stores, conceptual design of mechanical systems for IDS center and troubleshooting HVAC systems at IDS tower. Find him on Google+