Did you know that it’s your responsibility as a customer to find the best utility rates for your business? That’s right—your utility providers are under no obligation to make sure you’re paying a competitive rate. Here’s how SM Engineering partnered with a Wisconsin company to reduce their electricity rate. What could we do for you and your business?

We put our experienced staff to work reviewing the Wisconsin company’s electric bills. Our proprietary software and electronic library of rates and tariffs uncovered opportunities to save by correcting bill errors, reversing overcharges, and renegotiating a better rate. Here’s the letter we sent to the utility company:

TO: Electric Company A
RE: XYZ Company Account No. 01-1010
We have prepared an electric rate comparison for XYZ Company’s Wisconsin location.
This reflects:
• No fuel adjustment clause
• No sales tax
• On peak: 35%; off peak: 65%
• Demand: 825 kW
• Consumption: 376,259 kWh

Case Study Rate Table

The comparison shows that XYZ Company is paying substantially more compared to other companies in the area. This is probably because no rate is available for a large customer from Electric Company.

We look forward to working with you to correct the situation.

After a few months, we received the following response from the electric company:

Enclosed please find a copy of our tariff sheets for the new Large Power Time-of-Day rate (Cp-3). I did a quick comparison of XYZ Company’s last 12 month’s usage and found significant savings could be realized. I assumed their monthly peak occurred during peak-hours and compared two (2) different ratios of On-Peak and Off-Peak usage to the existing Cp-2 rate. The comparison is attached.

With the approval of our client, we contacted their electric company on their behalf:

TO: Electric Company A
RE: XYZ Company, Account No: 01-1010
We very much appreciate your help in filing the new rate Cp-3 with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. Please switch the XYZ Company plant in Anytown to the new rate. Also, please let me know if there are any charges for changing the meter.
Thank you so much for your efforts. We appreciate your cooperation.

With the new rate, our customer now saves an average of $100 a month on their electric bill.

Not sure if you’ve got the best rate for your company? Let us find out for you with a free, no-obligation utility bill audit. If we uncover potential for a rate reduction, we’ll negotiate with your utility company for you. Schedule your no-obligation bill audit today.

Peterson joined SM Engineering Co. as Senior Staff Engineering. He worked on a variety of projects in the Midwest with regard to energy audits and utility rate analysis and installation of boiler controls by Tour & Anderson. Mr. Peterson also published several Technical Papers for the Minnesota Multi Housing Association on boiler operations. Find him on Google+