The health of US manufacturing has been a hot topic this year as both presidential hopefuls use the issue as a talking point for the upcoming election. Many think US manufacturing is on the decline, but new research finds US manufacturing is recovering, in part due to cheap energy from shale gas. Will the shale gas boom boost manufacturing in the United States?

The US manufacturing trend

In 2015 US manufacturers’ output totaled $2.17 trillion—the best performance the sector has had in 20 years. What’s surprising is that the most energy-intensive manufacturing industries have been the biggest winners in the recent manufacturing boom. This includes the iron and steel industry, petrochemicals, plastics, and even paper and food products.

What’s behind the boom? Many experts point to the availability of cheap energy resources, including shale gas. Falling gas prices have made it cheaper to run manufacturing plants today than at nearly any other time in our nation’s history. Gas prices today are lower than those in the aftermath of the Great Recession. The result of this savings? Since 2010 manufacturers in the United States have made more than $500 billion a year in profit, despite the rising costs of labor. In fact, experts believe US manufacturers might add 3 million new jobs to our economy in the next 10 years.

Bringing the trend home

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