Sewer bill and sewer discharge
Cities charge manufacturers for what their facilities discharge down the drain and through municipal sewer systems. Your bill fluctuates depending on the amount you discharge through the sewer system. For many manufacturers, sewer charges can add up to tens of thousands of dollars a year.

The Sewer Charge Challenge

The SM Engineering audit team was dispatched to a plastics company to examine their water and sewer bill. The company’s injection molding presses used city water as a coolant, which was discharged into the sewer after use.

A closed-loop cooling system would have eliminated the coolant water from entering the sewers at all. The plastics company hoped to invest in a closed-loop cooling system in the future, but did not have the funds to make that costly upgrade when it called SM Engineering.

SM Engineering’s Solution

Since we knew a closed-loop system was out of reach, we came up with a more cost-effective solution. Our audit team had discovered roof drains near the injection molding machines. This could be used to discharge the water from the molding machines to the storm sewer rather than through the sewer system.

We contacted the state to obtain the needed discharge permits. Then, our team helped the facility reroute the coolant water through the roof drains.

This simple, cost-effective solution saved the company $45,000 a year in sewer bill costs. What’s better, over four years, the company had saved enough to purchase a closed-loop cooling system. The new system saves the company an additional $20,000 a year in water costs. That’s approximately $65,000 a year in savings since calling in the SM Engineering team.

How much could our crack team of auditors save your company in utility bills? Schedule a call with SM Engineering today.

Satya Garg graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1968 with an MS in Mechanical Engineering. He is a registered Professional Mechanical and Electrical Engineer in Minnesota. Prior to starting SM Engineering in 1982, Mr. Garg was Manager of Engineering for Planmark, a subsidiary of Super Valu Stores. After graduating from University of Minnesota, Mr. Garg started his career with “Michand Cooley, Hallberg, Erickson & Associates”, one of the most reputed consulting company in Minnesota. He had the opportunity to work with Robert Michand on many interesting projects such as Target stores, conceptual design of mechanical systems for IDS center and troubleshooting HVAC systems at IDS tower. Find him on Google+