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Utility Cost Management – Get your Bills Analyzed

for Refunds & Lower Costs!

Utility costs play a major role in the operational costs and ROI of your business. While utilities can come with a high price tag, they are not fixed and can always be managed smartly. By working with a utility management company like SM Engineering, you can lower your utility bills and free up resources for investment in your business.

As the most experienced utility management company in the United States, we believe that approximately 30% of utility costs are futile or unnecessary. This occurs due to several factors such as poorly chosen rate plans, billing errors and missed out tax exemptions. To manage these factors and significantly lower your utility costs, we conduct thorough bill analysis, research current market trends and deliver utility rate plans which best suit your needs. To add more value, we also offer services around predominant use studies and provide advice on legal rulings on tax exemptions. Read on to learn more or view our brochure.

Utility Expense Reduction & Rate Analysis

Experts at SM Engineering conduct a thorough utility bill analysis and find the lowest utility rate options for their clients. We examine current trends and developments in the industry and advise you on the most appropriate rate schedule and options offered by utility companies for your needs and usage. By lowering your energy costs, your company’s utility bills will be significantly reduced.

Utility Errors and Overcharges

Complexity of invoices and contracts can often lead to utility errors and overcharges. We make it our job to find such errors and take every possible step to bring reduction in utility costs to your company. We thoroughly examine all of your utility bills for billing errors, refunds, and lower rates, so that no opportunity to lower your cost is missed.

Predominant Use Study for Tax Exemption

Many companies qualify for tax credits and get refunds on their electric, gas/oil and water/sewer bills. Our tax experts are knowledgeable about the state sales tax laws, which vary by state and can determine if you qualify for sales tax exemptions. A predominant use study by our engineers will ensure that you are receiving all the tax credits for which you qualify

Billing or accounting errors
Refund or rebate opportunities
Proper application of rates
State and local tax studies
Potential application of tax exemptions
Meter read dates that don’t mesh
Demand meters NOT being reset
Incorrect calculations, line items included that shouldn’t
Duplicate invoicing
Costs greater than preset %
Usage greater than a preset %
Demand greater less than a preset %
Power factor less than a preset %
Billing greater than a preset number of days
Cost per unit
Wastewater and sewer usage
Concentration levels
On-site water reclamation or treatment
Alternate sources
Contract negotiation
Economy-based gas prices
Transportation gas/electricity charges
Non-tariff natural gas/electricity brokering
Uncover Errors and Overcharges on Electric, Gas and Water Bills