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The Tale of 101 Meters

The grain co-op owned and managed several facilities across south-central Minnesota. Each location served a different purpose and had a variety of equipment, from agronomy, fertilizer blending, machine sheds, grain elevators, feed mills, temporary storage bins and bunkers, grain drying facilities, and even convenience stores. The co-op contracted with SM Engineering to audit its usages and previous billings for all accounts. We inventoried the loads on all 101 meters, conducted rate studies by meter, and looked for errors and overcharges on all line charges on the bills.

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Concrete & Aggregate Company

Concrete and aggregate manufacture operating in the Kansas City area. The company operates eight (8) year round ready mix concrete and aggregate plants, along with a handful of “popup” plants used when demand is higher. The concrete plants utilize electricity, natural gas and water to produce the concrete product, SM Engineering was contracted to reduce utility spending and recover any available refunds.

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Sewer Meter Runs Afoul in Iowa, Revealing $75k in Savings

The company was being billed for water and sewer based on the recorded flow. The number seemed high, so Foam Fabricators brought in the SM Engineering experts to take a look at their bill. A detailed audit showed the sewer flow was being billed in excess of the water supplied to the facility.

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Don’t Throw Money Down the Sewer Drain

Cities charge manufacturers for what their facilities discharge down the drain and through municipal sewer systems. Your bill fluctuates depending on the amount you discharge through the sewer system. For many manufacturers, sewer charges can add up to tens of thousands of dollars a year. But one of our solutions saved a client $65,000.

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Save $60,000 by Flipping a Switch

The utility bill experts at SM Engineering have seen just about everything. After a utility bill audit, we’ve found facilities that are maximizing their energy savings and companies that had to make substantial investments to reduce utilities costs. But for a bottling plant in Pennsylvania, a simple-and free-flip of a switch saved the company thousands.

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Why Meter Size Matters

Saving money on your manufacturing facility’s utility bill isn’t just about increasing energy efficiency or even negotiating lower utility rates. Sometimes, you can find considerable savings by assessing and updating the physical equipment that measures your electricity, gas, and water. This was the case with one of our recent clients that was wasting $600 a month on a meter that was too large.

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The Case of Too Many Electricity Meters: A $68,000 Mistake

One of our clients, a hardwood flooring manufacturer, faced a happy dilemma: the company had experienced rapid growth in the last five years and needed more space. They decided to double their manufacturing production by expanding one of their facilities. But instead of connecting their new space to their existing meter, they added a second one.

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Saved an Apartment Complex $14k+

This 114-unit apartment complex saves $5,800 a year.
Our client has a 114 unit apartment property in the Midwest. Due to high usage year around, their electricity, gas and water costs were significant and continued to grow. The property manager contacted SM Engineering to determine whether they could help them save money on their utility bills.

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