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Utility Monitoring Software

Utility Captain is a web-based utility monitoring software. It is very easy to use, flexible, and powerful.

What is web-based utility monitoring?

Using the worldwide web and utility monitoring software like Utility Captain, you will be able to compare usage, costs, and benchmark your building. Our bill archive system retains your utility billing history and scanned images of your bills. Our utility monitoring software records and produce reports on your monthly usage and cost for each of your facilities to help you make better decisions and reduce your energy costs.

How will you benefit from monitoring the bills?

Unless you can monitor, you can’t control. This is the first step and last step in any energy conservation program. By monitoring your bills, peaks and valleys become obvious. Control methods can be implemented. Priorities for implementation can be planned.

What does monitoring include?

  • Billing histories and actual bill archive
  • Breakdown of costs per unit
  • Standard reports and customized reports
  • Multiple building scorecard benchmarking

Please visit the Utility Captain website for a further information including a complete demo. You can also download our brochure here.